Janáček Brno

International Theatre and Music Festival Janáček Brno

International Festival Janáček Brno – biennial which presents Leoš Janáček right in the place where he worked, lived and composed his music for over fifty years. The primary goal of the festival is to reiterate the significance of Leoš Janáček composer´s personality. Fundametal dramaturgic stream encompasses productions of the leading opera houses, both from abroad and the Czech Republic, hence confront the approach of eminent artists to Janáček´s work.


Janáček Brno Festival held in 2004 staged all operas by Leoš Janáček. The festival thus gave rise to the idea of regular biennial the first year of which (Janáček Brno 2008) had the primary task to find the firm position within the European festivals. Subsequent festivals indisputably confirmed such position through large interest in the festival and its dramaturgic setup (the festival presented productions of prominent artists like R. Carsen, R. Wilson, H. Kupfer and others). Janáček Brno Festival 2014 hosted one of the regular Opera Europa conferences attended by more than 200 leading personalities of the opera and theatre world across Europe.

As part of the festival events, co-production collaboration was established with opera houses abroad – in Gotheburg, Kaiserslautern or Vienna. Participating productions were presented by the opera houses of Nuremberg, Graz, Maastricht, Moscow, Essen, Budapest, Vienna and other cities. Festival programme comprises also the concerts that have presented numerous outstanding artists.


Organiser: Národní divadlo Brno, p.o. (The National Theatre Brno)
Pavel Lojda, secretary
Address: Dvořákova 11, 657 70 Brno, Czech republic
Phone: +420 724 754 538
E-mail: lojda@ndbrno.cz

Member of the Czech Association of Music Festivals since 2015.